The customer is a German sheet material factory that produces various types of boards and sells them to furniture factories, making it a significant player in Germany. The customer has undergone rapid development, transitioning from a small factory to a leading domestic sheet material manufacturer. Due to the continuous expansion of their factory, the customer needs to procure more advanced equipment to meet production demands. As a result, they have been actively seeking reliable suppliers. After thoroughly understanding our company, they have signed a contract with us.

The customer is interested in a sheet material production line. Our engineers have designed a production line and planned the corresponding workshop based on the customer’s requirements.

ZZCHRYSO full automatic wood panel multi blade rip saw machine production line is equipped with hydraulic lifting table(underground base is needed or no needed),feeding conveyor,multi blade rip saw machine and auotmatic discharge lifting table.

rip saw German Customer Case 04
rip saw German Customer Case 03
rip saw German Customer Case 02

Wood panel multi rip saw is a large- to medium-sized equipment primarily used in furniture factories, handicraft factories, packaging factories, wooden pallet factories, and decorative material factories for processing various types of solid wood boards, cardboard, composite materials, plywood, and other panel materials. It is used for cutting and processing ecological boards, veneer boards, plywood, and construction templates, allowing for the cutting of multiple equal-sized or differently sized materials in one pass.

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