The high efficiency of the square timber multi-blade saw in wood processing has made it popular both domestically and internationally. With the advancement of technology, the square timber multi-blade saw has gradually achieved automation, further meeting the strong market demand.

For those engaged in wood processing, both the log multi-blade saw and the square timber multi-blade saw are popular cutting equipment.

So, what should we pay attention to when purchasing a square timber multi-blade rip saw?

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How to choose square wood multi-blade rip saw?

First, we need to consider the maximum thickness, width, and length of the square timber we want to process.

It is important to choose a machine that suits our regular cutting thickness and length. Additionally, we should consider the thickest and thinnest diameter of the round timber because thickness and length are crucial parameters for the machine.

As the thickness of the square timber increases, the required length also increases due to the machine’s characteristics. A thicker square timber requires larger saw blades, resulting in a larger blade diameter. This, in turn, affects the distance between the feeding and discharging pressure wheels of the square timber multi-blade saw, which becomes wider for larger blade diameters and narrower for smaller ones. Therefore, when selecting a square timber multi-blade saw, it is necessary to understand the width, thickness, and minimum length of the timber to choose the appropriate machine.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the properties of the timber, whether it is softwood or hardwood, as it directly affects the power required for cutting.

Softwood is easier to cut compared to hardwood, which is known for being more difficult to cut. The properties of the timber determine the required motor power for the machine. For softwood, a machine with a relatively smaller power can be selected when the sawing diameter is the same. However, for hardwood, a high-power machine is necessary to ensure sufficient power output

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