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Applications of Log Multiple-Blade rip Saw

  1. The log multiple-blade rip saw is suitable for processing various types of soft and hard round timber, such as cedar, pine, poplar, eucalyptus, oak, mixed wood, and more.
  2. The log multiple-blade rip saw is used to perform initial processing on round timber, transforming it into square timber or rough boards. The wood that has undergone preliminary processing is then passed on to the next machine for precision processing.

Machine Frame Structure of Log Multiple-Blade rip Saw

  1. The frame of the multiple-blade rip saw consists of a feeding system, pressure system, sawing system, discharge system, electrical system, and safety system.
  2. The frame is composed of welded steel plate box-type walls and protective covers.
  3. The feeding system consists of a material rack, rollers, chains, and V-bars.
  4. The pressure system consists of rollers, pressure wheels, and chains.
  5. The sawing system consists of a main spindle box, main spindle, and saw blades.
  6. The discharge system consists of a material rack, chain with pointed ends, and rollers.
  7. The electrical system consists of an electrical box, contactors, fuses, thermal relays, frequency converters, and buttons.
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Machine Installation and Adjustment:

  1. The foundation for the multiple-blade rip saw should be flat and solid, with a vertical and horizontal deviation within the range of ≤10mm across the entire machine base.
  2. The various components of the multiple-blade rip saw are adjusted to the correct positions before leaving the factory. The complete machine is packaged and shipped, and the user can start using it after unpacking, connecting water and electricity, and ensuring proper grounding of electrical wires.

Machine Operation:

  1. Preparations before starting the machine:

1.1. Check the mechanical and electrical components of each part to ensure normal operation. Tighten all fasteners and ensure proper tension of conveyor belts.
1.2. Check for any residues inside the machine, such as tools, and remove them if present.
1.3. Inspect the gearbox for any oil leaks and address them promptly if found.
1.4. Check the transmission components and interacting parts for abnormal sounds. Ensure the saw blade rotates in the correct direction and operates smoothly without resistance.

  1. Startup:

2.1. Press the start button for the first spindle and wait a few seconds before pressing the start button for the second spindle.
2.2. Press the feed start button. Place the round timber on the feeding rack, and it will be guided by the feed chain to the saw blade for cutting into square timber or boards (rough boards). The operation is completed at this stage.

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