Horizontal Band Saw 201

Heavy Duty Horizontal Band Saw

  • Standard Sawing Wood Length:4500 mm
  • Max. wood diameter: 700mm – 1600mm
  • Main Motor power: 22 kw – 30 kw
  • Band wheel diameter :700mm – 1000mm
  • Rail length (standard model) :5800mm
  • Saw Blade Size : 216″x3.15″(5500x80mm)
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Horizontal band saw is main for variety of wood, puzzle, thick plate open processing board, solid wood flooring and other decorative veneer panels.

Product Description

Horizontal Band Sawmill 301
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A heavy-duty wood horizontal band saw is a powerful cutting tool designed specifically for cutting wood horizontally. It is commonly used in woodworking shops, lumber mills, and other woodworking industries.

The horizontal band saw is a very safe machine as the workpiece is held by clamps when cutting, although when discussing cutting capabilities, the horizontal band saw is not as flexible as the vertical when it comes to precision or odd shapes. It does more than make up for this with its productivity. Horizontal band saws are machines designed for making repetitive, accurate cuts and with the help of built-in backstop systems, repetitive cutting is not only fairly accurate but very quick.

Horizontal band saws are commonly used for both metal, wood and plastic with material thickness and hardness generally not being an issue when cutting (depending on the machine’s size and quality of blade).

Heavy Duty Horizontal Sawmill 303

In the woodworking world, the vertical band saw dominates, with the horizontal more regularly used for cutting large timber. Vertical band saws are used by woodworkers to cut medium to small material down to size and into specific shapes for furniture making, joinery work and more. The horizontal is great for processing large sections of timber down to more manageable pieces, which could later be processed further and more accurately by a vertical band saw.

Product Parameters

Max Sawing Wood Diameter
Track Extension LengthUnlimited
Power Option22HP22HP25HP27HP
Saw Wheel Diameter60CM70CM70CM70CM
Sawhead Forward/ReverseManual Crank
Sawhead Up/DownElectric Motor for Standard Power), Hydraulic System for Optional Power
Log Clamp5xQuick-set
Sawhead Design4-Post Tech
Blade Size216″x3.15″(5500x80mm)
Mobile TrailerYes

Features of Heavy Duty Horizontal Wood Band Saw

  1. Large Cutting Capacity: Heavy-duty wood horizontal band saws are designed to handle large and thick pieces of wood. They have a wide throat capacity and a high cutting height, allowing them to accommodate oversized workpieces.
  2. Powerful Motor: These band saws are equipped with robust motors that provide the necessary power to cut through dense and tough wood materials. The motor’s horsepower and torque are specifically designed to handle heavy-duty cutting tasks.
  3. Wide Cutting Blade: Heavy-duty wood horizontal band saws typically feature wider cutting blades compared to standard band saws. The wider blade helps improve stability, accuracy, and cutting performance when dealing with larger and denser wood materials.
  4. Sturdy Construction: Given the heavy-duty nature of their operations, these band saws are built with a strong and durable frame and components. They are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous, demanding cutting tasks and maintain stability and precision over time.
  5. Adjustable Cutting Speed: Many heavy-duty wood horizontal band saws offer adjustable cutting speeds. This feature allows operators to optimize the cutting speed based on the specific wood material being processed, ensuring clean and efficient cuts.

Real Photos OF Horizontal Wood Band Saw

Heavy Duty Horizontal Sawmill 301
Heavy Duty Horizontal Sawmill 306
Heavy Duty Horizontal Sawmill 307

Final Products

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