4 axis 4 Sided Planer

4 Axis 4 Sided Planer For Sale

  • Max.working thickness :130mm
  • Max.working width: 230mm
  • Min Working Length: 580/300mm
  • Blade Diameter:40mm
  • Type: Four Side Moulder
  • Spindle rotation rate: 7000r/min
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Manufacturing Plant, woodworking, wood moulding

Product Description

4 axis 4 Sided Planer

A four-sided planer, also known as a four-sided moulder, is a woodworking machine widely used in the cabinet and furniture industry. It enables precise dimensions, cross-sectional shapes, and surface smoothness for processed wooden products. Below are the main features and advantages it possesses:

The four-sided planer consolidates the functions of traditional machines such as surface planers, thickness planers, vertical spindle moulders, and high-speed sanders. It is a typical integrated multi-blade machine that significantly enhances processing capabilities and production efficiency, reduces production cycles, and effectively saves labor.

The processing method of the four-sided planer is known as “one-pass” processing, where the workpiece achieves all the required specifications in a single pass. It ensures smooth and uniform profiles while avoiding errors that may occur from multiple machining operations on different machines, thus reducing the chances of human errors.

Due to its continuous mechanical feed system with strong pressure, the feed speed of the four-sided planer can be adjusted or controlled variably based on the material and cutting requirements of the wood being processed. This greatly prevents quality defects caused by excessive cutting and improves the precision and quality of the finished products.

Product Parameters

Working Width25-160mm25-180mm25-210mm25-230mm
Working Thickness8-100mm8-130mm8-130mm8-130mm
Min Working Length (Intermittent/Continuous)580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm
Blade Diameter40mm40mm40mm40mm
Feeding Speed5-36m/min5-40m/min5-40m/min5-40m/min
Main Spindle Speed7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min
Trimming Blade Diameter120mm145/4150mm145/150mm145/4150mm
1st Lower Blade Diameter100mm125mm125mm125mm
Left/Right Blade Diameter100-125mm110-160mm110-160mm110-160mm
1st Upper Blade Diameter100-125mm125-160mm125-160mm125-160mm
2nd Upper Blade Diameter /125-160mm /125-160mm
2nd Lower Blade Diameter / /125-180mm /
Total Motor Power15.95Kw24.25Kw28.75Kw39Kw
1st Lower Blade Power3Kw4Kw5.5Kw7.5Kw
Left/Right Blade Power3Kw5.5Kw5.5Kw7.5Kw
1st Upper Blade Power4KW5.5Kw7.5Kw11kw
2nd Upper Blade Power5.5Kw///
2nd Lower Blade Power//5.5KW/7.5Kw/
Feeding Motor Power2.2Kw3Kw4Kw4Kw
Lifting Motor Power0.75Kw0.75Kw0.75Kw1.5Kw
Pneumatic Source Pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
Overall Size (with cover)3150*1580*1800mm3150*1750*1800mm3150*1750*1800mm3150*1580*1800mm
Overall Size (No cover)2350*1300*1660mm3070*1300*1660mm3070*1300*1660mm3070*1300*1660mm

Features of 4 sided planer 

  • Machine body is high grade cast iron to ensure stability.
  • This adopt step-less feeding, material feeding speed ranges from 10 to 35 meters/min.
  • Each spindle driven by an independent motor, with strong cutting force.
  • International brands electrical parts for good stability.
  • Fully enclosed safety shield, effectively avoid sawdust flying and isolate noise.
  • Pneumatic compress feeding roller is applied, that can be adjusted by stages, favorable for timbers with different thickness.
  • Up and down saws are responsible for 50% machining, high efficiency, energy saving and material saving.
  • Configured auxiliary device for short profile to promote the smooth feed.
  • Button on machine, power cut protection device for checking and saw blade replacing,provide people and machine safety.
  • Precision spindle, stable performance and high precision.

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