4 Sided Moulder With Saw Machine 0101

4 Sided Moulder With Saw Machine For Sale

  • Max.working thickness :160mm
  • Max.working width: 230mm
  • Min Working Length: 580/300mm
  • Blade Diameter:40mm
  • Type: Four Side Moulder
  • Spindle rotation rate: 7000r/min
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Manufacturing Plant, woodworking, wood moulding

Product Description

4 Sided Moulder With Saw Machine 0101

Main function

4 Sided Moulder With Saw Machine 03

Professional solution

Professional solution:High efficiency for large quantities of wallpanels, wood preservative and other solid wood preparation of thesawing processing.

4 Sided Moulder With Saw Machine 02

Upper sawing/upper – lower sawing

Adopting the upperl upper-lower sawing according to the thickness ofthe raw material for the purpose to make sure the better surface outcome and more accuracy.

Product Parameters

Specifications & ModelsCRS-L521DCRS-L523DCRS-L621DCRS-L623D
Working Width25-210mm25-230mm25-210mm25-230mm
Working Thickness10-80mm10-80mm10-80mm10-80mm
Min. Working Length580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm
Blade Diameter40mm40mm40mm40mm
Saw Shaft Diameter50mm50mm50mm50mm
Saw Blade Diameter305mm305mm305mm305mm
Feeding Speed5-20m5-20m5-20m5-20m
Main Spindle Speed7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min
Trimming Blade DiameterΦ145/Φ150Φ145/Φ150Φ145/Φ150Φ145/Φ150
1st Lower Blade DiameterΦ125mmΦ125mmΦ125mmΦ125mm
Total Motor Power61.75kW71.25kW69.25kW78.75kW
Saw Spindle Motor Power30kW30kW30kW30kW
Feeding Motor Power5.5kW5.5kW5.5kW5.5kW
Lifting Motor Power1.5kW1.5kW1.5kW1.5kW
Saw Shaft Lifting Motor Power0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW
Pneumatic Source Pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
Overall Size4020*1700*1870mm4020*1700*1870mm4560*1730*1870mm4560*1730*1870mm

Features of 4 sided planer 

4 Sided Moulder With Saw Machine details

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