Blade Sharpener 002

Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

  • Grinding Cutter Adjustable: 0-90°
  • Max Grinding Wheel Dimension: 720mm
  • Effective Grinding Length: 700mm
  • Grinding Wheel Size:32*50*150mm
  • Wheel Head Rotate speed : 2840r/min
  • Main Motor Power: 1.5KW
  • Application : A straight blade sharpening machine is a specialized tool used to sharpen straight blades, such as knives, scissors.

Product Description

Blade Sharpener 002
Blade Sharpener 001

A straight blade sharpening machine, also known as a straight knife sharpening machine, is a specialized tool used to sharpen straight blades or knives. These machines are commonly used in industries such as woodworking, paper cutting, printing, textile, and plastics, where straight blades are used for cutting or slicing various materials.

The purpose of a straight blade sharpening machine is to restore the sharpness and cutting edge of the blade. Over time, straight blades can become dull or develop nicks and imperfections, which can affect their cutting performance. The sharpening machine helps to remove any dullness or damage and brings back the blade’s original sharpness.

The operation of a straight blade sharpening machine typically involves securing the blade in a holder or fixture and then passing it through a rotating grinding wheel or abrasive belt. The grinding wheel or belt removes a small amount of material from the blade’s edge, gradually sharpening it. The machine may have adjustable settings to control the angle and pressure of the sharpening process, allowing for customized sharpening based on the specific requirements of the blade.

Suitable saw blade

Straight Blade Sharpening Machine application

Product Parameters

Max Grinding Wheel Dimension:720mm
Main Motor Power:1.5KW
Effective Grinding Length:700mm
Feed power of Motor:60w
Grinding Cutter Adjustable:0-90°
Grinding Wheel Specification:32*50*150mm
Water Pump Motor:40w
Wheel Head Rotate speed:2840r/min
Machine size:1000*600*1290mm

Features of Straight Blade Sharpening Machine

  • Used for many kinds of steel blades/knife
  • Sharpen blade quickly and automatically, easily control and maintain
  • With space sensor can automatic go-return sharping
  • Water special clamp for different knives and can adjust the gradient of the blade/knife

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