Band Saw Blade Sharpener 001

Band Saw Blade Sharpener

  • Saw blade pitch: 10-25mm
  • Saw blade width: 20-60mm
  • Saw blade teeth deep:5-15mm
  • Grinding Wheel Size: φ175*φ32*φ13mm
  • Motor power of grinding wheel: 220V/370W
  • Application :Band saw blade sharpening machineis a suitable machine for grinding all kinds of band saw blades . For example, carbide tipped band saw blades, HSS band saw blade, BI dual Band saw blades, frame saw blades. 

Product Description

Band Saw Blade Sharpener 001

A band saw blade sharpening machine is a specialized tool used to sharpen and maintain the cutting performance of band saw blades. These machines are designed to restore the sharpness of the blade teeth, ensuring optimal cutting efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of the blade.

Band saw blade sharpening machines are engineered to provide precise and accurate sharpening of the blade teeth. They utilize grinding discs or wheels to remove material from the teeth, restoring their sharpness and cutting performance.

Band saw blade sharpening machines are designed to accommodate various blade sizes and tooth profiles. They can handle different types of band saw blades, including wood-cutting, metal-cutting, and specialty blades. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

Product Parameters

Product name
Band Saw blade sharpening machine
Saw blade pitch
Saw blade width
Saw blade teeth deep
Grinding wheel size
Grinding wheel drive motor
Feed motor
Total weight

Features of Band Saw Blade Sharpener Machine

  • Ideal for simple, quick and accurate sharpening of bandsaw blades for the sawing of logs;

  • careful maintenance of the saw blades is actually a determining factor to achieve the best possible results during sawing.

  • The band saw blade sharpener machine has been designed to sharpen blades with regular carbide tips.

  • There are different interchangeable feed speeds depending on the type of tooth and on the accuracy of sharpening wanted.

  • through which all adjustments can be performed.

  • limit switch prevents the feed of the blade if the grinding wheel is lowered without starting rotation

Detailed Photos

Band Saw Blade Sharpener DETAILS 001
Band Saw Blade Sharpener DETAILS 002

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