Saw Blade Sharpener 202

Saw Blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

  • Size of saw blade:100-800mm
  • Pitch: 10-45mm
  • Tooth extraction speed:0-25 teeth/min
  • Grinding wheel speed: 800mm
  • Grinding wheel motor:0.75kw
  • Control wheel: 3*200w
  • Application : Suitable for grinding blade material: high-speed steel (HSS) saw blade, flying saw (manganese steel) saw blade.

Product Description

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A circular saw blade sharpening machine is a specialized tool used to sharpen and maintain the cutting edges of circular saw blades. These machines are designed to restore the sharpness and cutting performance of circular saw blades, ensuring clean and efficient cuts.

Circular saw blade sharpening machines are designed to provide precise and accurate sharpening of circular saw blades. They use specialized grinding wheels or abrasive belts to remove material from the blade’s cutting edge, restoring its sharpness and ensuring consistent tooth geometry.

Circular saw blade sharpening machines can handle various sizes and types of circular saw blades. They can sharpen blades with different diameters, tooth configurations, and tooth pitches, making them suitable for a wide range of circular saw applications.

Tooth Profiles That Can Be Grinding/Sharpening:


Product Parameters

size of saw blade100-800mm
Tooth extraction speed0-25 teeth/min
Alloy grinding wheel size125*32*6mm
grinding wheel speed6000r/min
Grinding wheel motor0.55kw
Control wheel3x 200w
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Dimension size1000 × 1000× 1200mm

Features of Saw Blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

  • Automatic saw blade grinding machine, with intuitive structure, simple operation, practical, precise, beautiful and so on.
  • According to different chip requirements to change the cutting angle of the sawtooth, tooth, tooth depth, can easily grind sharp blade.
  • Can be grinding blade material: high-speed steel (HSS) saw blade, flying saw (manganese steel) saw blade.
  • Can wear a variety of teeth. (Left and right teeth, arc teeth, triangular teeth, high and low teeth)
  • According to the different cutting requirements to quickly adjust the grinding time of the blade.
  • The handpiece can be tilted up or down, no need to change the grinding wheel can chamfer.

Product Display

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Application of Circular Saw blade sharpening machine

  1. Woodworking Industry: Circular saw blades are extensively used in woodworking for cutting and shaping wood materials. In the woodworking industry, circular saw blade sharpening machines are essential for maintaining the sharpness and cutting performance of the blades. These machines ensure clean and precise cuts, improving the overall efficiency and productivity of woodworking operations.
  2. Construction and Carpentry: Circular saw blades are widely used in construction and carpentry for cutting materials such as plywood, lumber, and engineered wood. Circular saw blade sharpening machines help to maintain the sharpness of the blades, ensuring accurate and smooth cuts during construction and carpentry projects.
  3. Metalworking Industry: Circular saw blades with carbide or high-speed steel teeth are used in metalworking applications for cutting various metals, including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Circular saw blade sharpening machines are crucial for maintaining the cutting performance of these blades in metalworking operations, ensuring precise and efficient cuts.

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