Double Sided Planer 01

Double sided planer moulder for sale

  • Max.working thickness :200mm
  • Max.working width: 630mm
  • Blade diameter :100mm
  • Type: double Side Moulder
  • Spindle rotation rate: 5000r/min
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Manufacturing Plant, woodworking, wood moulding
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Product Description

A double-sided planer is a commonly used woodworking machine that is primarily used for simultaneously planing two opposite surfaces of wood. It features a dual-blade design that allows for simultaneous planing on both sides, thereby improving work efficiency. Wood processed by a double-sided planer obtains two smooth and parallel surfaces. This machine is typically used in the woodworking industry for the production of furniture, flooring, doors, windows, and other wooden products.

Double Sided Planer 02

Post-processing effect

Double Sided Planer 03

Two speed regulation modes are available

Frequency control

Variable frequency speed regulation

Stepless speed regulation

Stepless speed regulation

Product Parameters

Specifications & modelsCRS-470B
(Stepless speed regulation)
(Stepless speed regulation)
(Variable Frequency Drive)
(Variable Frequency Drive)
(Variable Frequency Drive)
Working thickness9-200mm9-200mm9-160mm9-200mm9-200mm
Working width10-470mm10-630mm10-410mm10-470mm10-630mm
Min. Working length300(200)mm300(200)mm300(200)mm300(200)mm300(200)mm
Max. Cutting depthUpper blade 5mm
Bottom blade 5mm
Upper blade 5mm
Bottom blade 5mm
Upper blade 5mm
Bottom blade 5mm
Upper blade 5mm
Bottom blade 5mm
Upper blade 5mm
Bottom blade 5mm
Blade diameterΦ100mmΦ100mmΦ100mmΦ100mmΦ100mm
Blade spindle speed5000r/min5000r/min5000r/min5000r/min5000r/min
Feeding speed7-13m/min7-13m/min6-13m/min3-24m/min3-24m/min
Upper blade motor power7.5kw15kw7.5kw7.5kw15kw
Bottom blade motor power5.5kw7.5kw5.5kw5.5kw7.5kw
Feeding motor power2.2kw(Normal)2.2kw(Normal)2.2kw(Normal)2.2kw(VFD)3.7kw(VFD)
Lifting motor power0.37kw0.37kw0.37kw0.37kw0.37kw
Total power15.57kw25.07kw15.57kw15.57kw26.57kw
Dust exit diameter2*Φ150mm2*Φ150mmΦ150mm2*Φ150mm2*Φ150mm
Overall szie2650*980*1800mm2650*1150*1800mm2150x950x1550mm2650*980*1800mm2650*1150*1800mm
Packing size2750*1080*1950mm2750*1250*1950mm2250x1050x1650mm2750*1080*1950mm2750*1250*1900mm
Net weight2200kg2500kg2100kg2300kg2600kg

Features of Double sided planer 


The structure of the bottom cutter shaft can be pulled out quickly which result a more convenient and more secure way to replace or adjust the cutter.


The work bench is made of a special weat-resistance material with polishing treatment which could resulta high precision and abrasion performance.


Apply the imported Schneider electric to provide new energy.


The precision can up to 0.01mm of the magnetic grating digital readout ,input the data to set the working thickness automatically.


The feeding unit can be adjusted up-wards and down wards,the elevating range reaches 6mm. andthus the processing precision can be enhanced with powerful feeding.


Provided with driven feed roller structure,ensuring stronger and smoother feeding.equipped with over loading protection mechanism.


Equipped with pressure plate guarantees short work piece smooth machining, increasing production out put.


Auto lubricator provides the feeding,Mechanism forcbly to protect the feeding system.


Auto fixed-thickness setting device&pressure mechanism limit device.

Final Products

Applications of double sided planer

The double sided planer is widely used in the woodworking industry. Here are some main application areas:

Furniture Manufacturing: The double sided planer can plane wood into smooth boards used for furniture production. These boards can be directly used for furniture surfaces or further processed into various furniture components.

Flooring Processing: The double sided planer can plane wood to the appropriate thickness and width, making it suitable for flooring processing. It ensures flatness and quality of the flooring, providing consumers with high-quality wood flooring.

Door and Window Production: The double sided planer assists in the manufacturing of wooden doors and windows. It can plane wood to the desired dimensions and shapes, providing high-quality wood materials for door and window production.

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