Four Sided Planer

4 sided planer moulder for sale

  • Max.working thickness :130mm
  • Max.working width: 230mm
  • Blade diameter :40mm
  • Type: Four Side Moulder
  • Spindle rotation rate: 7000r/min
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Manufacturing Plant, woodworking, wood moulding
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Product Description

Four-sided planer is a specialized equipment used in wood processing that can simultaneously plane all four sides of a piece of wood, including the top surface, bottom surface, and two side surfaces. Compared to traditional hand planes, the four-sided planer offers simpler operation and higher efficiency. It is widely used in woodworking industries such as furniture manufacturing, flooring processing, and door and window production.

Four Sided Planer

Product Parameters

Specification & ModelsCRS-B416BCRS-B418D/BCRS-B421D/BCRS-B423D/BCRS-B518DX/BXCRS-B518DS/BS
Working Width25-160mm25-180mm25-210mm25-230mm25-180mm25-180mm
Working Thickness8-100mm8-130mm8-130mm8-130mm8-130mm8-130mm
Min working length (Discontinuous/Continuous)580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm580/300mm
Blade Diameterφ40mmφ40mmφ40mmφ40mmφ40mmφ40mm
Feeding Speed5-36m/min5-40m/min5-40m/min5-40m/min5-40m/min5-40m/min
Main Spindle Speed7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min7000r/min
Trimming blade diameterφ120mmφ145/φ150mmφ145/φ150mmφ145/φ150mmφ145/φ150mmφ145/φ150mm
1st lower blade diameterφ100mmφ125mmφ125mmφ125mmφ125mmφ125mm
Left/right blade diameterφ100-φ125mmφ110-φ160mmφ110-φ160mmφ110-φ160mmφ110-φ160mmφ110-φ160mm
1st upper blade diameterφ100-φ125mmφ125-φ160mmφ125-φ160mmφ125-φ160mmφ125-φ160mmφ125-φ160mm
2nd upper blade diameterφ125-φ160mm
2nd lower blade diameterφ125-φ180mm
Total motor power15.95KW24.25KW28.75KW39KW30.75KW30.75KW
1st lower blade power3KW4KW5.5KW7.5KW4KW4KW
Left/right blade power3KW5.5KW5.5KW7.5KW5.5KW5.5KW
1st upper blade power4KW5.5KW7.5KW11KW5.5KW5.5KW
2nd upper blade power5.5KW
2nd lower blade power5.5KW/7.5KW
Feeding motor power2.2KW3KW4KW4KW4KW4KW
Lifting motor power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW1.5KW0.75KW1.5KW
Pneumatic source pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
Dust outlet diameter2*φ120mm/φ125mm/φ100mm4*φ150mm4*φ150mm4*φ150mm5*φ150mm5*φ150mm
Overall size (with cover)3150*1580*1800mm3150*1750*1800mm3150*1750*1800mm3150*1580*1800mm3680*1550*1800mm
Overall size (No cover)2350*1300*1660mm3070*1300*1660mm3070*1300*1660mm3070*1300*1660mm3070*1300*1660mm3610*1300*1660mm

Features of 4 sided planer 


The flat tooth type steel roller with special treatmentwhich will durable in use.


There are sections for adjusting pressure according tothe machine which could ensure feeding smoothly.


Machine with cardan joint drive infeed wthich will be highefficiency and make the lifespan longer.


The side infeed device which could ensure infeedsmoothly.


The back work table is equipped with the active feedingwheell which will ensure the smooth feeding of materials.


High precision saw spindle motor which is greatpower to ensure the saw cutting will not get stuck.


The speed of feeding frequency is used to adjustthe speed to achieve conveniient and fast effect.


The front working table is equipped with the activefeeding wheel to infeed smoothly.


Assembling with the imported electric brand Schneider,to provide the machine with new energy.

Advantages of 4 sided planer

  1. Improved Processing Capacity and Production Efficiency

The four-sided planer is a typical centralized multi-blade machine that combines the processing tasks that would require multiple machines in traditional processes, such as surface planing, thickness planing, and vertical milling. By reducing auxiliary work time, it greatly enhances processing capacity and production efficiency.

Furthermore, it reduces the number of traditional machines, saves the number of operators, and reduces the workshop’s floor space.

  1. Increased Lumber Yield

The four-sided planer is a one-pass processing method where the workpiece achieves the desired dimensions, cross-sectional shape, and surface smoothness in a single pass. This eliminates the need for leaving a certain amount of cutting allowance for each repeated operation on multiple machines, which is necessary to eliminate the multiple losses caused by feed mechanism pressure marks.

  1. Enhanced Product Quality and Processing Precision

The four-sided planer completes multiple processes in one operation, reducing the cumulative errors caused by multiple setups in traditional machines. Due to the mechanical continuous forced feeding used in the four-sided planer, there is minimal jumping and displacement during the workpiece cutting process.

The feed speed can be adjusted through frequency conversion or stepless speed regulation based on the material properties of the processed wood and the cutting amount, reducing quality defects caused by excessive cutting and improving product quality and processing precision.

  1. Expanded Process Range and Increased Product Variety

The four-sided planer’s processing improves the necessary flatness and surface smoothness of the workpiece, providing essential conditions for ensuring processing accuracy in subsequent processes. Besides flat surface processing, the four-sided planer can also perform shaping processes such as mortising, grooving, straightening, and profiling, as well as multi-piece sawing, which cannot be achieved by traditional planing methods.

Final Products

Applications of 4 sided planer

The four-sided planer is widely used in the woodworking industry. Here are some main application areas:

Furniture Manufacturing: The four-sided planer can plane wood into smooth boards used for furniture production. These boards can be directly used for furniture surfaces or further processed into various furniture components.

Flooring Processing: The four-sided planer can plane wood to the appropriate thickness and width, making it suitable for flooring processing. It ensures flatness and quality of the flooring, providing consumers with high-quality wood flooring.

Door and Window Production: The four-sided planer assists in the manufacturing of wooden doors and windows. It can plane wood to the desired dimensions and shapes, providing high-quality wood materials for door and window production.

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