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Straight Line Rip Saw For Sale

  • Max.working thickness :120mm
  • Max.working width: 450mm
  • Min. Cutting length :320mm
  • Total power:7.5kw/11kw
  • Spindle rotation rate: 3660r/min
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application : Straight Line Rip Saw is commonly used in the woodworking industry for cutting materials such as wooden boards, strips, and blocks.
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Product Description

A Single-blade Straight Line Rip Saw is a woodworking machinery used for cutting wooden boards and strips. It features a bottom spindle design, where the saw blade is positioned beneath the worktable, and the workpiece is placed on top for cutting. The spindle can be raised and lowered.

The Single-blade Straight Line Rip Saw is commonly used in the woodworking industry for cutting materials such as wooden boards, strips, and blocks.

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Sawing and trimming the material thickness which is between 85-120mm.

single blade rip saw details 02

lmport the pin-type conveyor belt guide rail from Taiwan which willguarantee the stability and accuracy and extend the machine servicelife.

Main Use


Optimal edge cutting


Optimal width cutting


Optimal value cutting


Apply the second time optimalcutting for the remainder material.

Product Parameters

Specifications & modelsCRS-153D(VFD)CRS-153C (VFD)CRS-153ACRS-153BCRS-153
Sawing thickness5-120mm5-85mm5-85mm5-85mm5-85mm
Max.cutting width450mm450mm450mm360mm360mm
Min. Cutting length230mm320mm320mm320mm320mm
Max. Saw blade diameterΦ355mmΦ305mmΦ305mmΦ305mmΦ305mm
Saw blade inner diameterΦ25.4mmΦ25.4mmΦ25.4mmΦ25.4mmΦ25.4mm
Saw shaft speed3660r/min3660r/min3660r/min3750r/min3750r/min
Main motor power11kw11kw11kw7.5kw7.5kw
Feed motor power1.5kw0.75kw0.75kw0.75kw0.75kw
Lifting motor power0.25kw0.25kw——————
Total power12.75kw12kw11.75kw8.25kw8.25kw
Working desk size1580*890mm1580*890mm1580*890mm1540*945mm1320*945mm
Overall szie1850*1060*1480mm1850*1060*1430mm1850*1060*1430mm1780*970*1430mm1560*970*1430mm
Packing size1900*1160*1600mm1900*1160*1600mm1900*1160*1600mm1830*1070*1550mm1600*1070*1550mm
Dust exit diameter2*Φ100mm2*Φ100mm2*Φ100mm2*Φ100mm2*Φ100mm
Dust exit dia1*Φ150/1*Φ100mm1*Φ150/*1Φ100mm1*Φ150/1*Φ100mm1*Φ150/1*Φ100mm

Features of Bottom Cutting Straight Line Rip saw


Apply the imporled blade saw from Taiwan whichwill ensure high precision and make the surface offinished product smooth.


Applied the short working table with 3anti-rebound device.


Applied 4 anti-rebound device forthe purpose of avoiding any material kickback for safety purpose and guarantee the processing safety.


Apply the infirared calibration device to make the real-ti me detection.


Microcomputer controlled oill pump provides a forcelu brication to all major parts,extends the machine service life.


The bearing are all lmported brand such as TR,NSK,SNR.

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