Vertical Band Saw 201

Vertical Wood Band Saw For Sale

  • Max.Working Width(mm):700mm
  • Main Motor power: 22kw
  • Feed speed: :0-18m/min
  • Saw Blade Size : 900mm
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Manufacturing Plant, Retail, wood sawmill, Timber mill

Product Description

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A vertical band sawmill, also known as a vertical bandsaw or vertical band saw, is a type of sawmill used for cutting logs into lumber. Unlike traditional horizontal band sawmills, which have a horizontal orientation, vertical band sawmills have a vertical orientation, with the saw blade moving up and down.

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Vertical band saw with log carriage has a wide range to wood diameters in sawing. It works by fixing the headrig in a position where the carriage travels in front of it by means of a wire rope or motor driven reciprocation and snaps the logs onto the woodworking carriage to saw into dimensions customer specified. This processing method is convenient and efficient, and how to choose right saw head and carriage based on the different diameters&lengths of the customer’s wood. Meanwhile the traditional carriage can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. The way of clamping wood is divided into manual/electric/pneumatic

Product Parameters

Max Sawing Wood Diameter (mm)
Max Sawing Wood Length (mm)
Saw Wheel Diameter (mm)
Saw Clip And Wheel Up Down (mm)
Carriage Forward And Backward
Wood Grasp Clip Quantity
Sawing Thickness Setting
Touch Screen
Saw Blade Size MM
Main Motor Power KW
Carriage Length MM

Features of Vertical band saw machine

1.Saw wheel was made of weld-steel plate with quality protective deck, fixed headrig and balancing system keep sawed wood accurate diametion and smooth surface during cutting.
2.The linear bearing and tensioning system at the upper/down saw wheel will respond faster and accurately to the changes of saw blade tensioning
3.Log carriage with series running method-Manual one cheap but durable, automatic one afforable but higher productive is available to all customers, whether you are the person start milling Or professional sawmill factory.
4.Manual lubrication

Details Photos OF Vertical band saw

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Vertical band saw use for the plank / square wood  cutting ,wood cutting (pine,oak, rubber wood etc). Compare with the tradition vertical band saw,our machine can reduce about 4-5mm saw kerf and Tolerance. Also after cutting by our machine, the timber can sanding directly. no need to go through the thicknesser, So can reduce the material. Also the worker can control our machine from the control panel, can reduce the risk of occupational injury.

Final Products

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