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Log Cut Off Saw Machine For Sale

  • Raw Material :Round Wood
  • Feeding Wood Diameter :200-500mm
  • Cutting Length(mm) :800-6000mm
  • Saw Blade Diameter : 305mm/480mm/650mm/800mm
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Power of Spindle Motor : 3800r/Min
  • Application :Suitable for long logs, any kind of wood processing.

Product Description

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A CNC log cut off saw machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the timber industry for cutting logs into predetermined lengths.

The primary function of a log cut off saw machine is to process logs into specific lengths that are suitable for further processing or sale. The machine typically consists of a sturdy frame, a cutting mechanism, and a control system. The cutting mechanism can vary depending on the design and model of the machine, but it generally includes a circular saw blade or a chainsaw-like cutting device.

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Product Parameters

Cutting diameter (mm)100-400100-600200-800
Min.Machining length(mm)500800800
Max.Machining length(mm)CustomizedCustomizedCustomized
Total power(kw)354145
Main spindle speed (rpm)147029002900
Main spindle motor(kw)2215kw*222kw*2
Feeding speedFrequencyFrequencyFrequency
Saw blade diameter* Quantity*Saw line1100mm*1*8.0mm800mm*2*6.5mm


Features of Log Cut Off Saw Machine

1. The large scale automatic round log cutting saw machine equipment is suitable for cutting large diameter logs (Diameter 400-800mm)

2. The different length of cutting can be adjusted at one time.

3. It has advantage of accurate cutting size, high efficiency and labor saving

4. The equipment can be customized according to details requirements.

5. V shape chain feeding system is more stable for feeding all kinds of irregular wood.

6. Possible customized production line according to your final product requirements.

7. Optional support roller feeding, automatic discharge system.

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