4 Sided Planer 202

Wood Moulding Machine 4 Sided Moulder

  • Max.working thickness :100mm
  • Max.Planing Depth(mm):200 mm
  • Max.working width: 300mm
  • Saw blade diameter :350mm
  • Type: Four Side Moulder
  • Spindle rotation rate: 6000r/min
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application :Manufacturing Plant, woodworking, wood moulding

Product Description

4 Sided Planer 201
Wood Planer Moulder icon 101

A 4-sided planer, also known as a 4-sided moulder or planer/moulder, is a woodworking machine used to shape and smooth lumber on all four sides simultaneously. It is commonly used in woodworking shops, furniture manufacturing, and millwork operations.

A 4-sided planer can plane or mould all four sides of a piece of lumber in a single pass, saving time and increasing efficiency.4-sided planers can handle various types of wood and produce a wide range of profiles, including mouldings, bevels, chamfers, and tongue-and-groove joints

Product Parameters

Max. processing width
150 mm
200 mm
150 mm
230 mm
230 mm
Min. processing width
Processing thickness
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
10-120 mm
Min. processing length
Feeding speed
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
10-35 m/min
Total power
21.25 kw
21.25 kw
29.75 kw
36.25 kw
41.75 kw
Dimension (mm)
1800 kg
2300 kg
2400 kg
3000 kg
3300 kg

Features of 4 sided planer moulder

  • Machine body is high grade cast iron to ensure stability.
  • This adopt step-less feeding, material feeding speed ranges from 10 to 35 meters/min.
  • Each spindle driven by an independent motor, with strong cutting force.
  • International brands electrical parts for good stability.
  • Fully enclosed safety shield, effectively avoid sawdust flying and isolate noise.
  • Pneumatic compress feeding roller is applied, that can be adjusted by stages, favorable for timbers with different thickness.
  • Up and down saws are responsible for 50% machining, high efficiency, energy saving and material saving.
  • Configured auxiliary device for short profile to promote the smooth feed.
  • Button on machine, power cut protection device for checking and saw blade replacing,provide people and machine safety.
  • Precision spindle, stable performance and high precision.

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Final Products

Benefits of 4-sided planers

  • Increased productivity: With the ability to process all four sides of a piece of lumber simultaneously, 4-sided planers significantly increase productivity compared to single-sided planers.
  • Improved accuracy and consistency: These machines provide precise and uniform results, ensuring consistent dimensions and surface quality across all four sides of the lumber.
  • Time and labor savings: By eliminating the need for multiple passes and manual flipping of the lumber, 4-sided planers save time and reduce labor costs in woodworking operations.
  • Versatility in profile options: 4-sided planers offer a wide range of profile options, allowing woodworkers to create custom mouldings and other decorative elements.
  • Enhanced surface finish: The multiple cutterheads and adjustable feed rate of 4-sided planers enable operators to achieve a smooth and professional surface finish on the lumber.

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