Double Ends Trim Saw 30201

Double Ends Trim Saw

  • Cutting Length :400-1500mm
  • Cutting Thickness: 10-80mm
  • Cutting Width: 10-600mm
  • Feeding Speed: 30m/min (adjustable speed)
  • Saw Diameter: 255mm, 305mm, 350mm
  • Cutting Mode: Double-sided (length can be customized)
  • Efficiency: 2000-3000 pcs/h
  • Application : Automatic Double Ends Trim Saw Machine is specially for cutting the double end of the wood board. 

Product Description

Double Ends Trim Saw 30201
End Trim Saw icon 101

An automatic wood pallet board double end trimmer is a specialized machine used in the pallet manufacturing industry to trim both ends of wooden pallet boards simultaneously. This automated process helps improve efficiency and accuracy in pallet production.

Automatic wood pallet board double end trimmers are equipped with two cutting heads positioned opposite each other to trim both ends of the pallet boards simultaneously .Automatic wood pallet board double end trimmers typically allow operators to adjust the cutting length to meet specific requirements.hese machines are designed for high-speed trimming to maximize productivity in pallet manufacturing.Automatic wood pallet board double end trimmers provide precise and accurate cuts, ensuring uniformity in the length of the pallet boards.

Product Parameters

Cutting Length
400-1500mm (or customized)
Cutting Thickness
10-80mm (or customized)
Cutting Width
10-600mm (or customized)
Feeding Speed
30m/min (adjustable speed)
Saw Diameter
255mm, 305mm, 350mm
2.2kw*2   1.5kw*1   Total 6kw
2000-3000 pcs/h
Cutting Mode
Double-sided (length can be customized)
Production Mode

1. Manual discharge, automatic receipt

2. Manual discharge, manual receipt
Operation Mode
Touch Sensing, automatically stop
Conveying Mode
Chain drive with frequency converter, adjustable speed
Wiring Mode

Tree-phase four-wire

(three fire wires, one neutral wire, better with ground wire)
Feeding Mode
Transfer to the other side via track
Safe and stable, high efficiency

Product Display

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