frame Saw Machine 40201

Wood Thin Cutting Frame Saw Machine

  • Max. cutting diameter :200-300mm
  • Min. cutting diameter :80-100mm
  • Kerf size :1.2-1.8mm
  • Main motor rotation speed : 1460(rpm)
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Application : Frame Saw Machine is primarily used for longitudinal cutting of logs and square timber, producing various sizes of wood strips. It is widely applicable in the furniture, woodworking board, and flooring core board industries.

Product Description

frame Saw Machine 402
log frame saw machine icon 01

Frame saw machine secure multiple straight saw blades in the saw frame and utilize a crank-connecting rod mechanism to drive the saw frame in an up-and-down motion. They can cut various specified thicknesses of wood in a single pass, offering high production efficiency, ease of operation, and simple maintenance. They are widely used for processing raw or square timber.

Product Parameters

Max. cutting diameter(mm) 200250300
Min. cutting diameter(mm) 8080100
Kerf size(mm)1.2-1.81.2-1.81.2-1.8
Main motor power(kw)18.52222
Main motor rotation speed(rpm)146014601460
Feeding motor power(kw)
Feeding speed(m/min)0.1-20.1-20.1-1.5
Frame saw stroke(mm)210210240
Working times(times/min)465465350
Blade length(mm)500550610
Air pressure(mpa)0.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.8

Features of Frame Saw Machine

  1. Installation of Multiple Saw Blades: Within the cutting range, the machine can accommodate multiple saw blades according to the thickness requirements of the processed boards. This allows for cutting multiple pieces of wood with different thicknesses at once.
  2. Excellent Blade Tension: The saw blades are tightly tensioned, ensuring high cutting precision and good surface quality of the sawn materials.
  3. High Production Efficiency: By eliminating the need for multiple positioning, clamping, and side feeding operations, the machine reduces auxiliary time and eliminates idle travel, resulting in high production efficiency.
  4. Low Labor Intensity: The frame saw machine has low labor intensity due to its good performance, making it suitable for operators with varying levels of technical expertise.
  5. Simple Production Process and Small Footprint: The machine has a simple production process, occupies a small area, and saves investment costs.

Detailed Photos

log frame saw details 04

Conveying chip removal device

log frame saw details 03

Unique device working fixture,used the log`s feeding fasten.

log frame saw details 02

Feeding double gear fasten,prevent the log rotation and side slip.

log frame saw details 01

Outlet use double pressure wheel transmission.

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