Multi-blade sawing machine is mainly used for longitudinal sawing of plates and square materials. It is fed by the crawler. The processed plates and square materials can get several slats through the machine tool at a time, with high productivity. It is often used in furniture workshops and blockboards. Workshop and floor production workshop.

Square Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw For Sale

About Square wood Multi Blade Rip Saw

What Is A Square Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw?

Square wood multi-blade saw is a type of large square wood processing machine.The multi rip saw is mainly used for sawing square timber wood into a plurality of square bars. This machine has high production efficiency, high stability, simple operation and maintenance, and high finish of the material. It is suitable for cutting thick timber and large-scale production. The feeding table of the machine is custom-made according to the customer’s needs.


ZZCHRYSO’S multi-blade saw is mainly composed of a bed, a worktable, a feed track, a circular saw blade and a workpiece pressing device. When the multi-blade circular saw machine processes plates and square materials, the position of the saw blade and the height of the pressing device are adjusted according to the thickness of the plate and square material, and the number of installed saw blades is determined according to the power of the main motor.

Advantages of  Square Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw

  • With completely closed, log multiple ripsaws becoming suitable for working as individual sawmills with manual loading, and as auxiliary saw machines into a fully automatic line. Thick frame and robust structure guarantee it’s stable in cutting.
  • It is good at obtaining boards straightly from big plank, thus avoiding repeat cutting. The double spindle makes it easy to saw hardwood no more than 40cm in width.
  • All buttons are in one control panel Intuitive and clearly convenient for the operator to use.
  • Square timber multi-blade saw machine can be upper and lower biaxial synchronous lifting , regardless of what kind of cutting specifications, saw blade can be kept with the vertical wood sawing, and the upper and lower power distribution evenly.
  • Wood saw surface smooth, easy to operate,uniform thickness,can be installed more thin saw blade, reduce saw loss, effectively increase the rate of out
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Application of Square Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw

Square wood multi blade rip saw is widely used for cutting square wood, make them into various thickness of plank, with advantages of feeding smoothly, no damage of saw blades, small saw kerf, high efficiency and safety.

According to customer`s requirements, make different type of plank by changing the spacers, no limited of length and width. Poplar, pine, eucalyptus, fir, chestnut and other hard weed trees could be processed.

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