The square timber multi-blade saw, also known as the square wood multi-blade saw, is primarily used for cutting square timber and processing it into various-sized square pieces. It can process boards of different thicknesses and offers advantages such as smooth feeding, no blade burning, small kerf, high efficiency, and high safety. By changing the spacers, you can customize the specifications of the boards you want to cut, allowing for the production of different types of boards with no limitations on length or width. It can process various hardwood timber such as poplar, pine, eucalyptus, fir, and oak.

square wood multi blade rip saw 307
square wood multi blade rip saw 304

The structure of the square timber multi-blade rip saw :

  1. Heavy-duty design, sturdy and stable, with stable performance.
  2. Upper and lower shaft structure for multi-blade cutting, continuous material output, achieving 5-6 times higher efficiency compared to band saws.
  3. Infrared alignment device to reduce wood waste.
  4. Patented axial water spraying system to improve the lifespan of saw blades.
  5. Full-process multi-power feeding system to reduce labor intensity.
  6. Dual bulletproof device design for safety.
  7. The pressure wheel device adopts a power-driven dual fulcrum design, ensuring smooth material feeding without jamming.

The characteristics of the square timber multi-blade rip saw:

  1. Safe operation with a semi-automatic feeding system, eliminating safety hazards. High production capacity, approximately 20 cubic meters per day (8 hours).
  2. Simple operation, capable of processing high-precision boards with ordinary workers. The thickness of the boards can be freely adjusted, replacing planing with sawing, resulting in a smooth surface finish without the need for additional planing.
  3. Ultra-thin saw blades with a thickness ranging from 1.4mm to 3mm. High precision without the issue of different sizes, reducing processing steps and minimizing wood waste while increasing wood utilization.
  4. Cooling and dust removal system to prevent the saw blades from working at high temperatures for prolonged periods, extending their lifespan and reducing dust.

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