The multi-blade saw is an efficient wood processing equipment that can simultaneously cut multiple square timber, thereby improving production efficiency. The cutting method of the multi-blade saw is to arrange multiple saw blades together and cut the wood through synchronous operation.

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Features of multi-blade rip saw

  1. High efficiency: The multi-blade saw can cut multiple square timbers simultaneously, greatly improving production efficiency.
  2. High precision: The multi-blade saw offers high cutting precision, meeting various processing requirements.
  3. Easy operation: The multi-blade saw is easy to operate, requiring only the placement of square timbers into the machine and the activation of the switch.
  4. Safety and reliability: The multi-blade saw is equipped with advanced safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators.
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The multi-blade rip saws significantly improves wood cutting efficiency

The multi-blade saw with upper and lower saw shafts consists of two rows of saw blades, which simultaneously cut the wood. This design reduces the contact between the saw blades and the wood, minimizing friction and reducing the load on the saw blades. Additionally, it allows for the use of ultra-thin saw blades, improving the yield of lumber and achieving a yield rate of over 80%. This helps save wood that would otherwise be wasted during the processing of thin boards.

The use of small-diameter and thin saw blades reduces energy consumption when processing large-diameter timber. The cutting surface is smooth and even, ensuring smooth feeding and saving time, thereby improving production efficiency for thin wood boards.

Regarding safety, the multi-blade saw is equipped with a fully enclosed design for the power transmission device, saw blades, and guide plates. Additionally, a dust collection device can be installed as needed, ensuring both operational safety and environmental friendliness.

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