For log cutting, there are many models according to log diameter and length. The multi rip saw can cut log in high efficiency 5-6 times faster than band saw. The saw blade equips scraper which can cut log smooth and clean on surface. The saw blade is easy to replaced and grind, which does not need professional technician to handle with it. Convenient operation can be operated easily by normal workers.

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Difference Between Log Multi RIp Saw and Bndsaw

1.Cutting efficiency

A log multi-blade saw, also known as a multiple-rip saw, can cut a single log into multiple pieces of the same or varying thickness of lumber. This is the most significant advantage of the multi-blade saw and it is currently the most widely used equipment for cutting boards. It offers smooth feeding, easy operation, low production costs, and high efficiency.

Compared to a conventional band saw, the multi-blade saw for logs has a faster cutting speed as it can complete the cutting of an entire log in one pass. On the other hand, a band saw has a slower processing speed and can only cut one piece of lumber at a time, making it suitable for small-scale production. Additionally, the power transmission and saw blades of a band saw are exposed, posing potential hazards during operation.

2.Cutting size

A conventional band saw requires two processing steps, and it is unable to process logs with small diameters and short lengths. Its yield rate is approximately 75% to 80%. The power device and saw blade are exposed, posing potential hazards. Additionally, cutting wood with a band saw results in flying wood chips and high noise levels.

On the other hand, a multi-blade saw for logs can directly yield lumber in a single step. It can process logs with a minimum diameter of 5cm and a minimum length of 50cm, achieving a yield rate of 85% to 95%. The power device, saw blade, and guide plates are enclosed, ensuring safe operation. Wood chips are automatically discharged during the cutting process, preventing the dispersal of dust and debris. The entire machine adopts a closed structure, resulting in low noise levels.

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