The application of multi-blade rip saws has greatly improved the efficiency of wood processing and brought great convenience to production. With their advantages, they have received positive feedback from users. As a manufacturer of multi-blade saws, it is important to focus on product quality, increase research efforts, continuously innovate to improve product performance, and win market recognition through quality, attracting more customers.

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The main reasons for excessive vibration in a log multi-blade rip saw during use

  1. Loose or damaged equipment screws
    Solution: Check for any loose or damaged screws in the various connecting components. Tighten loose screws and replace damaged ones.
  2. Loose belt pulleys and belts
    Solution: Check if the contact between the belts and belt pulleys is too loose or excessively tight. If the belts are too loose or tight, it can result in increased machine vibration. Replace the belt pulleys if necessary.
  3. Damaged transmission and linkage devices (e.g., damaged spindle bearings) causing excessive vibration due to resonance during high-speed rotation Solution: Check the bearings, spindle, and other transmission devices of the multi-blade circular saw for any damage. If damage is detected, immediate replacement is required.
  4. Improper placement of the multi-blade circular saw, resulting in machine instability and excessive vibration during operation
    Solution: Check if the machine is placed horizontally. Use a spirit level on the machine’s surface to ensure it is in a horizontal position.
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