The log multi-blade rip saw is one of the mainstream machines used in wood processing . Compared to traditional band saws, the multi-blade circular saw offers several advantages, particularly in terms of improving production efficiency and wood surface quality.

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Automated production

The operation process of the log multi-blade circular saw is relatively simple, involving only the feeding and material receiving steps. In contrast, band saws require complex operations such as manually loading timber, clamping timber, feeding, unloading, and returning the carriage. The automated production of the multi-blade circular saw significantly saves operating time and enhances production efficiency.


Due to the simplified and automated operation process of the log multi-blade rip saw, a greater quantity of timber or lumber can be produced within the same timeframe. For wood processing companies, time is money, so the multi-blade circular saw holds a distinct advantage in competition within the industry.

Wood surface quality

The multi-blade rip saw for logs employs saw blades made of superhard alloy steel, with blade speeds reaching up to 3000-4000 revolutions per minute. Cutting wood at such high speeds results in a smooth and tidy surface finish for the processed timber, which can even be used directly without further processing. In comparison, the wood surface quality achieved by band saws is inferior and requires subsequent treatment.

Increased production quantity

The log multi-blade rip saw  is composed of multiple blades, with multiple blades installed on each main shaft. Each processing operation can produce multiple boards simultaneously, with a minimum quantity of 3-15 pieces, significantly boosting production efficiency.

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